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Hooray for Tallahassee! Easily one of my favorite characters in any film. Looks like instead of a Zombieland 2 title (BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO), we now get a Zombieland tv series (WOOOOOOOT)! The series is tentatively set to release for the 2012-2013 programming season with no words on actors, but both Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick who were behind the original movie are also behind the show as writers and producers. The best part of this is that we’ll probably get to see a “Zombie Kill Of The Week” every week. And the show’s production budget won’t get hampered, like, say another network is doing to a popular “undead” show.

With news like this dropping though, it makes us at headquarters think what will become of Elizabeth Banks’ brainchild. Did Fox just buy the rights to prevent other networks from snatching it up to compete with the Zombieland series? Or will we be treated to two zombie based shows on separate channels both owned by Fox? Time will tell.

Via: The Hollywood Reporter



Physical Challenge: Baxter Stairs, Echo Park, CA

OK, so I’ve already spoken on the merits of cardio. Unfortunately, a good amount of my buddies don’t believe in such a thing. So I asked them to undertake numerous physical challenges with me. The first? Sprints up and down the Baxter Staircase located in Echo Park. This set of stairs is touted as one of the longest in the Los Angeles area. Here’s a video showing what it looks like:

It’s about 230 steps to the top, the stairs being broken up every 10 to 20 steps. I usually do three sets of sprinting up the steps, and jogging back down.

How did my friends do? Find out below:

There’s no pictures of me since I was the lone cameraman, and I don’t think the other guys were in the mood to snap photos of me with a smug face. Don’t get me wrong though, I had to take more than a few breaks on my 2nd and 3rd laps, and I even took video footage of the last lap. My laptop is acting up so for some reason and won’t render the video correctly. I’ll try a different program later and if it works I’ll update this post.

Next time we’ll be biking 46 miles in the big city of Los Angeles. I’m hoping we’ll have video as well. Stay tuned.