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Videos: Zombie Penguin Phone Home

It’s rare that I label any movie as poignant, much less a short film. However, Zombie In A Penguin Suit is just that. I don’t know what the budget was, but even if it was given Superbowl commercial production it still came out incredibly well done. The premise, as per the official website, is as follows:

Zombie in a Penguin Suit is a short movie by Chris Russell. It is about a guy who becomes a zombie while wearing a giant penguin suit. Hilarity and sadness ensue.

Oh but it’s so much more. You almost get a sense of the penguin’s sense of sad self awareness and the undying struggle for his objectives: flesh, and finding his way back to the ocean. The music plays a nice paradox to the chaos in the film, and reminds me of the first game trailer I saw for Gears of War. Just when you start feeling bad for this lost chap, he mauls a survivor before continuing on his unknown path. The video takes the viewer through a big city all the way to a small coastal town rebuilding and recovering from the outbreak. No words are spoken and so all of the emotions and moods are conveyed strictly through the actors’ expressions. Awesome. You get a good feel as to how much time progresses through the use of makeup showing the slow deterioration of Mr Penguin’s face and ability to walk.

Alright enough commentary. Just watch that sh*t. It’s great. If you don’t think so, you’re an as*hole and I hate you.

More info at: ZombieInAPenguinSuit


Never mind the fact that it costs 5 bucks to make yourself using parts from Home Depot. Never mind the fact that looks like a large, clumsy crow bar. And never mind the fact that it’s like, 30 pounds of fake steel. You need The Survivaler’s Infinity Tool. Why is it named The Infinity Tool? I’m glad you didn’t ask! Simply put, the tool does an infinite number of things. And it’s not made by Chinese children. It’s made by Mexican children, who are North American, which is closer to the US than China. No ethics issues here, carry on.