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Movies: Review Of French Zombie Thriller The Horde

Here’s our first review of the Zombie Challenge series brought to you by J Brooks! La Horde, or The Horde for international viewers, is a mashup of the gangster and zombie flick, making for quite a scintillating movie watching experience. Our judging requirements center around four characteristics: Plot, Acting, Special Effects/Makeup, and Cinematography. Here we go!

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Looks like someone’s been snooping on Ace Hardware’s website. Sears now has a sale I just found out about that let’s you save up to 15% on applicable items. Bungling zombie slayer Doug Stone is your guide on how to stay alive. For now.

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Last night during The Walking Dead, Bing attempted another shot at relevance by dropping a zombie commercial and hosting sweepstakes for the show. Once you enter, the winner gets a stagger-on role for the show, a visit to the set with a friend, round trip airfare and hotel stay, AND $500. I love the series and all, but f*ck that. Give me the dough, and the extra money you would have spent on me instead of flying out to the set. I’ll put it towards the Romero Brooks Salvation Foundation. All proceeds are not tax deductible and go towards our own survival supplies. And alcohol. Which is also a key to survival. A great cause indeed.

Enter At: The Walking Dead Sweepstakes

Random: It Runs In The Family.

I was at my mother’s place for a family bbq and she asked me to get something out of her trunk. In there I found a premade survival kit, hand warmers, and a first aid kit. All without me trying to school her on disaster preparedness. I’m so proud.