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Interested in the special effects industry in film? Then you definitely want to head on over to the Aliens to Zombies convention. I cam across this deal via email and now I’m passing the savings onto you. If it weren’t for a hot date with all you can eat Corean bbq, I’d so be there. Plus the after party has unlimited Mexican food and two drinks per person. Don’t thank me. Thank Thrillist. And keep reading for more info.

2012 is only… 74 days away! Prepare for impending apocalyptic conditions at “Aliens to Zombies”: a gory Armageddon-vention at the Roosevelt Hotel, covering everything from that fateful doom year, to extraterrestrials, to brain-eaters & more. For just $35, access the gruesomely star-stocked 8hr show, which’ll feature panel discussions, demonstrations, entrance to the “Museum of the Strange” featuring famous freaky-film props and even a monster-making competition between tons of FX talent, writers and producers from faves like Walking Dead and True Blood, plus Alien andAlien vs. Predator, a franchise that, unlike the NHL’s Nashville Predators, has somehow remained watchable.

Should you want more gore (you should!), hit the costumes-strongly-encouraged Monster-Makers Bash at Velvet Margarita, which’ll be gushing with blood-gushers thanks to get-ups designed — and most likely worn — by those same makeup & prosthetic fiends who spoke at the show. Your pass (for one: $42; for two: $70) grabs you a pair of drinks from the bar, plus grub via an all-you-can-eat Mexican buffet — so robust, it May(an) leave you in ruins.

Anyone who reads this post and actually attends, let me know. This is the first time I’ve heard of the convention but it definitely sounds interesting.

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Westlake Ace Hardware in Kansas certainly is playing the politically correct route. In preparation for a zombie invasion, the goods supplier created a page to help survivors repel and defeat the undead. In response, non profit organization Zombies Unite teamed up with somewhat self aware walkers to protest the anti-zombie sentiments of the store. To discord among potential undead customers, Ace now offers a subsection of the site to for the reanimated. Tools such as caulk, sealants, and duct tape are all offered up with an emphasis on keeping all rotting limbs intact. I mean, it’s embarrassing enough that zombies’ skin is woefully dry. I assume it’s even more so to have a leg randomly fall off when trying to court a fellow deadite.

In all seriousness, this is a pretty cool marketing ploy. Creating a fake site, news reports, and a dedicated subsection to the existing site will definitely bring the tin foil hat wearers to buy supplies. There’s even a pdf file on how to protect yourself. Ace definitely pulled out all the stops. The faq section I found to be pretty funny, as well as the two way subtitles in the initial zombie protest report. I can definitely see Lenexa, Kansas being a stop for survivalists before it’s too late. Or at the least, some really, really, really high weed heads who are in search of candy and actual zombies.

Check the full site at: Westlake Ace Hardware

News: Zombies Dawn on Wallstreet

Recently, protesters dressed as zombies took over Wall Street to demonstrate their displeasure with the “soullessness” of corporate America. For decades, the zombie genre has been used as metaphoric images providing social and political commentary. It would only be fitting that zombies in this situation convey the mindlessness and apathy of our current economic predicament.

Plus, it’s a great excuse to dress up as a zombie. And if you’re interested, they’re organizing more protests in Boston, Atlanta, Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Pittsburgh and Baltimore. Activists are also organizing protests abroad in Prague, Frankfurt, Toronto, Melbourne, Australia and Tokyo.

Via Huffington Post

News: Google Helps Consumers Step Away From Fossil Fuels




Color Apple “green” with envy. Womp womp. Google is pumping $75 million into its own solar energy incentive program to turn more households into homes less dependent on fossil fuels. Labeled Clean Power Finance, the company will usher in a new era of clean energy. Google will own the solar panels, and homeowners will pay to use the electricity provided from the panels which often times is way less than an actual power bill without little to no money up front. Sounds like a win win for homeowners with considerable mortgages.

That’s where Clean Power Finance comes in. They’ve developed an open platform that connects installers with investors like Google to provide financing to homeowners. Solar installers sign up with Clean Power Finance to get access to the company’s comprehensive sales solutions, including consumer financing from investors, like the Google fund. This enables installers to sell more systems and grow their business. The installer builds the system, the investor owns it (in this case, Google), and homeowners pay a monthly payment for the system, at a price that’s often less than paying for energy from the grid. Maintenance and performance are taken care of by Clean Power Finance and its network of installers.

Sign me up. Solar power is definitely worth looking into, as fossil fuels are not a limitless resource and do damage to the environment. With Google’s plan you may not be able to go completely off the grid, but it’s a start. Plus, once 2012 hits, you’ll at least have electricity longer than your un-green neighbors will. Then you can tax the hell out of them to plug their tv’s into your panels. Win!

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News: The Origins Of Reddit’s Zombie Fortress

For those of you on Reddit, I know you’ve seen this picture before. It’s apparently one of the greatest unintentional zombie defense fortresses ever, and it’s been memed and photo bombed to no end. The Shime mine tower in Japan was used to harvest coal during WWII and operated into the mid 60’s when it was finally abandoned. But the internet had another idea. Turn it into George Romero’s and Max Brooks’ wet dream. Although it’s in bad shape, the tower still attracts visitors and the Japanese government has set up night time lighting for all of us trolling Reddit for lulz. Some of the pics in the article with kids in the foreground actually look photoshopped but they aren’t. The juxtaposition of normal life against a solemn industrial age backdrop is pretty interesting. Once the end comes, you’ll find me here first. With no ladder. Because I’m not sharing with the rest of you unprepared heathen. Just kidding.

More info of the Shime mine tower at: WebUrbanist