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When I first saw this commercial during the premiere of The Walking Dead‘s second season, I half expected the dude wielding The Jaw Saw to go apesh*t and attack a horde of walkers. Nope. But I’m damn sure of one thing. The makers of this Voltron arm looking device were definitely aiming at zombie prevention experts in training. The menacing looking teeth hold branches in place while you swipe them off with relative ease. Substitute the branch for a living dead’s neck and you have an instant decapitation tool. SWEET. Now all you need is another person to carry the generator, and a really long extension cord if you feel like venturing out into a desolate landscape to rid the world of the undead.



Gear Review: The Zero Tolerance 0551 Folding Knife

Second knife review coming at you. This is my primary EDC folding knife, and suffice to to say I don’t think I’ll ever need another one. Full review after the jump.

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I came across this piece of gear while browsing America’s marketplace, Amazon. It’s a pretty near idea. The Water BOB basically works as a huge Ziploc bag to store water in when there’s advanced notice of a catastrophic event occurring. It comes complete with a pump for easy access into smaller water containers to use around the house. The largest water container in the home is theoretically your bathtub, so the makers of the Water BOB definitely had the right idea. The bag itself is easily disposable after use and can fill up to 100 gallons of fresh water to store.

During a hurricane or tropical storm, water main breaks and storm surges can interrupt or even contaminate your water supply. It is during these conditions the waterBOB® may be used for temporary water storage. Constructed of heavy duty plastic that is FDA compliant for food storage, the waterBOB® keeps water fresh and clean for up to 4 weeks.

Or, you could keep your bathtub clean at all times, you dirty bastards. Also, what a cruel twist of fate it would be if your Water BOB got ripped out of your house in the case of a storm or hurricane. That would likely make for the most epic (and fatal) rage comic.

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or you can just clean your bathtub. Messy bastards.

A little over a year ago, I was involved in a most tragic moment. I forgot my Prada eyeglasses on top of my car and drove out of a Vons parking lot. When I found out what happened, I pulled over and jumped out, only to see my beloved frames smashed in the middle of the street by a dump truck. I reverted back to my ill fitting Gucci frames which gradually got more and more scratched till it looked like i was wearing rain clouds over my eyes. Having enough of my stubborness, my lady told me about Warby Parker.

Here’s the deal: You get your eyes checked, get your prescription and pupillary distance (this is important), and shop for some fashionable glasses on Warby’s website. For $95 you get any of the frames on the site with prescription lenses shipped directly to your home. More than reasonable right? The best part isn’t even the price. For every pair of prescription glasses you own, the company will make and give another pair to someone in need. Their spectacles have made it all over the world, the majority going to third world countries. It’s a win win situation. The company doesn’t skimp either. The polycarbonate material on the frames are sturdy and I got a nice case/cleaning cloth to go with them.

There’s iconic designs available, and branding is minimal. I actually like that, as I prefer not to walk around looking like a brand whore. A simple “Warby Parker” is etched on the inside of the frame, shown below:

I bought the Larkin frames, and the Roosevelts are next on the list. Peruse the site, buy some glasses, and in 10 days they’re at your door. Look good, save money, and show universal compassion for those less fortunate than you are. You can’t lose. Kind of like obscure 90’s tv show protagonist Parker Lewis.

I’m seriously dread the days of working at an office with a dress code. No more functional clothing, no more bug out bag next to my desk. And worst of all? No more Nikes. It’s an inevitable future for me. TAD Gear keeps office dwellers like myself in mind with their newest release, the Dispatch Bag. Although it’s a little too tactical for my liking, I can see the appeal. Most people of the suit and tie professions are relegated to rocking with a messenger bag or briefcase as suitable gear containers. Coming in with a crazy looking Kifaru or TAD pack would look a little suspect in some instances.

The San Francisco company combines tactical functionality with an urban twist. The area is known for bicycle couriers, so naturally TAD would release something for them, as well as the metropolitan crowd. The Dispatch carries anything you’d need for every day job duties (folders, books, cell phone, iPad) and then some. Obviously for a decent sized bag there’s also space and compartments to store emergency survival items, and if your laws permit, a concealed weapon. Multicam and a ton of Molle on a messenger isn’t very discreet in big cities, but clearly there’s a market for it and not all situations call for discreet anyway. I’m sure Jack Bauer and others of his kind carry one everywhere they go. Regardless of my own opinion, TAD’s quality hasn’t failed me yet and their customer service is great.

To be fair, TAD isn’t the only one offering up a tactical messenger. ITS Tactical has teamed up with Zulu Nylon (great companies, by the way) for more of a civilian inspired bag, but geared wayyyyy towards those living the tactical/law enforcement lifestyle. Molle is all but absent from the outside, but there’s a bevvy of compartments, an area for a blow out kit, and slots for rifle magazines. A velcro panel on the inside can also be used to stuff a pistol or rifle components in. There’s even a rubberized panel covering the bottom to protect the bag in the long run over prolonged use. There’s a hefty price tag, but I’m almost certain the bag will never fail you. There’s no doubt in my mind that this bag would serve well as an active shooter solution for law enforcement.

Maxpedition also has its own take on the Discreet Messenger bag, labeled as the Gleneagle. For more thrifty shoppers, you may want to try this one out. Bottoming out the prices among the three at around $135, you can give this bag a shot, and if you think a messenger bag is right for your lifestyle, move up the ranks if you feel the need to.

In my experience, you can’t got wrong with any of these companies. I haven’t had a failure with any of their gear yet (yes I own stuff from all of them) and the customer service was great in answering all of my questions in advanced. If I felt courier bags matched my dress, lifestyle, or specific survival needs, I’d look to them first. With the days of me donning a tie daily rapidly approaching, I may pick one up anyway and give you all a review. Of course, I’ll take donations as well. What? I had to take a shot at it.

TAD Gear Dispatch Bag: $195-250

ITS Tactical Discreet Messenger: $350

Maxpedition Gleneagle: $135