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Hooray for Tallahassee! Easily one of my favorite characters in any film. Looks like instead of a Zombieland 2 title (BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO), we now get a Zombieland tv series (WOOOOOOOT)! The series is tentatively set to release for the 2012-2013 programming season with no words on actors, but both Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick who were behind the original movie are also behind the show as writers and producers. The best part of this is that we’ll probably get to see a “Zombie Kill Of The Week” every week. And the show’s production budget won’t get hampered, like, say another network is doing to a popular “undead” show.

With news like this dropping though, it makes us at headquarters think what will become of Elizabeth Banks’ brainchild. Did Fox just buy the rights to prevent other networks from snatching it up to compete with the Zombieland series? Or will we be treated to two zombie based shows on separate channels both owned by Fox? Time will tell.

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Movies: Review Of French Zombie Thriller The Horde

Here’s our first review of the Zombie Challenge series brought to you by J Brooks! La Horde, or The Horde for international viewers, is a mashup of the gangster and zombie flick, making for quite a scintillating movie watching experience. Our judging requirements center around four characteristics: Plot, Acting, Special Effects/Makeup, and Cinematography. Here we go!

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The dude is back, and it looks like he stole some fineries off of the set of True Grit. I didn’t know that R.I.P.D. was to begin filming this soon, but no complaints from me. Jeff Bridges, Mary-Louise Parker, Kevin Bacon, and Marisa Miller? Sign me up. Acting chops and eye candy, all good with me. Except Ryan Reynolds. If only that magic ring in Green Lantern actually gave him some sort of talent, his movies would actually be bearable. That dude is like Dane Cook, except less funny. Which is saying a lot. Because Dane Cook isn’t funny.

The current location is Mystic River, Massachusetts. Fitting, considering the content of the film. In the rest of the slide show on Zimbio, you’ll also get to see some of the cars used on set, as well as Reynolds’ main weapon which looks to be a modified revolver. I liked the standard sedan used by the Rest In Piece Department, it looks like a homage paid to throwback cop shows like Dragnet and the like. Unless the script and budget are absolute sh*t, R.I.P.D. has potential to be a very lucrative zombie flick for all involved. If the end doesn’t come in 2012, we’re going to be treated to this movie early in the year following. From a moviegoer’s perspective, I hope the Mayans were wrong.


Movies: World War Z Just Got More Epic.

After word of Brad Pitt’s issues regarding illegal firearms was posted, I came across this picture of an action scene on the set of World War Z. There looks to be a huge explosion in the background, so if anything, at least we know the rifles and explosives used on set are legit. Maybe too legit. Based on the reflection of the explosion on the pavement, we’re in for some large scale violence. One of my gripes with apocalyptic movies in general is that often times the viewers don’t get treated to an experience that genuinely feels like an end of the world scenario.

Sure, there’s short shots of an abandoned/bombed city, and a few large scale battles, but I’m anxious to see exactly how WWZ will address this. From the videos and pictures we’ve seen thus far it looks like he’s definitely going to great lengths to depict the outbreak in different parts of the world and how citizens fare in the face of adversity. Hopefully we’ll get to see how well the movie was executed by December 2012.

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Even after watching this trailer, I’m still hooked on energy drinks. In Devil’s Playground, Mark McQueen directs this zombie thriller that depicts a pharmaceutical company’s mishap that turns into a clusterf*ck. 30,000 people are subjects of a new energy booster, of which 29,999 become hyperactive zombies capable of parkour while infecting the living. Cole, a gun toting employee of the company, is charged with bringing in the sole survivor of the test to try and figure out a cure.

Flesh-eating zombies have taken over London, and humanity’s only hope for the future lies in one woman’s DNA. Cole, a hardened mercenary who works for the pharmaceutical company responsible for the horrific disaster, is charged with bringing her in. But he’s already battling the demons of his violent past. Can he take on an army of bloodthirsty creatures as well? Find out-—if you dare—-in this terrifying sci-fi thriller filled with ravenous killers on a feeding frenzy.

The synopsis sounds kind of like 28 Days Later and Resident Evil. Judging by the trailer, the film makers definitely did well with the $3 million budget they were handed by Vivendi Entertainment.

The makeup makes the zombies look like steroid freaks, with huge veins pulsating. This dvd released yesterday, but Dread Central has dropped two extra clips for viewers:

Ho-hum videos I’m sure, but it’s probably meant to build tension without revealing too much. The movie dropped yesterday and it’s available for sale in The States, so you’ll definitely see a review coming from us soon.

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