Interested in the special effects industry in film? Then you definitely want to head on over to the Aliens to Zombies convention. I cam across this deal via email and now I’m passing the savings onto you. If it weren’t for a hot date with all you can eat Corean bbq, I’d so be there. Plus the after party has unlimited Mexican food and two drinks per person. Don’t thank me. Thank Thrillist. And keep reading for more info.

2012 is only… 74 days away! Prepare for impending apocalyptic conditions at “Aliens to Zombies”: a gory Armageddon-vention at the Roosevelt Hotel, covering everything from that fateful doom year, to extraterrestrials, to brain-eaters & more. For just $35, access the gruesomely star-stocked 8hr show, which’ll feature panel discussions, demonstrations, entrance to the “Museum of the Strange” featuring famous freaky-film props and even a monster-making competition between tons of FX talent, writers and producers from faves like Walking Dead and True Blood, plus Alien andAlien vs. Predator, a franchise that, unlike the NHL’s Nashville Predators, has somehow remained watchable.

Should you want more gore (you should!), hit the costumes-strongly-encouraged Monster-Makers Bash at Velvet Margarita, which’ll be gushing with blood-gushers thanks to get-ups designed — and most likely worn — by those same makeup & prosthetic fiends who spoke at the show. Your pass (for one: $42; for two: $70) grabs you a pair of drinks from the bar, plus grub via an all-you-can-eat Mexican buffet — so robust, it May(an) leave you in ruins.

Anyone who reads this post and actually attends, let me know. This is the first time I’ve heard of the convention but it definitely sounds interesting.

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