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Videos: Zombie Penguin Phone Home

It’s rare that I label any movie as poignant, much less a short film. However, Zombie In A Penguin Suit is just that. I don’t know what the budget was, but even if it was given Superbowl commercial production it still came out incredibly well done. The premise, as per the official website, is as follows:

Zombie in a Penguin Suit is a short movie by Chris Russell. It is about a guy who becomes a zombie while wearing a giant penguin suit. Hilarity and sadness ensue.

Oh but it’s so much more. You almost get a sense of the penguin’s sense of sad self awareness and the undying struggle for his objectives: flesh, and finding his way back to the ocean. The music plays a nice paradox to the chaos in the film, and reminds me of the first game trailer I saw for Gears of War. Just when you start feeling bad for this lost chap, he mauls a survivor before continuing on his unknown path. The video takes the viewer through a big city all the way to a small coastal town rebuilding and recovering from the outbreak. No words are spoken and so all of the emotions and moods are conveyed strictly through the actors’ expressions. Awesome. You get a good feel as to how much time progresses through the use of makeup showing the slow deterioration of Mr Penguin’s face and ability to walk.

Alright enough commentary. Just watch that sh*t. It’s great. If you don’t think so, you’re an as*hole and I hate you.

More info at: ZombieInAPenguinSuit


Interested in the special effects industry in film? Then you definitely want to head on over to the Aliens to Zombies convention. I cam across this deal via email and now I’m passing the savings onto you. If it weren’t for a hot date with all you can eat Corean bbq, I’d so be there. Plus the after party has unlimited Mexican food and two drinks per person. Don’t thank me. Thank Thrillist. And keep reading for more info.

2012 is only… 74 days away! Prepare for impending apocalyptic conditions at “Aliens to Zombies”: a gory Armageddon-vention at the Roosevelt Hotel, covering everything from that fateful doom year, to extraterrestrials, to brain-eaters & more. For just $35, access the gruesomely star-stocked 8hr show, which’ll feature panel discussions, demonstrations, entrance to the “Museum of the Strange” featuring famous freaky-film props and even a monster-making competition between tons of FX talent, writers and producers from faves like Walking Dead and True Blood, plus Alien andAlien vs. Predator, a franchise that, unlike the NHL’s Nashville Predators, has somehow remained watchable.

Should you want more gore (you should!), hit the costumes-strongly-encouraged Monster-Makers Bash at Velvet Margarita, which’ll be gushing with blood-gushers thanks to get-ups designed — and most likely worn — by those same makeup & prosthetic fiends who spoke at the show. Your pass (for one: $42; for two: $70) grabs you a pair of drinks from the bar, plus grub via an all-you-can-eat Mexican buffet — so robust, it May(an) leave you in ruins.

Anyone who reads this post and actually attends, let me know. This is the first time I’ve heard of the convention but it definitely sounds interesting.

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Hooray for Tallahassee! Easily one of my favorite characters in any film. Looks like instead of a Zombieland 2 title (BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO), we now get a Zombieland tv series (WOOOOOOOT)! The series is tentatively set to release for the 2012-2013 programming season with no words on actors, but both Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick who were behind the original movie are also behind the show as writers and producers. The best part of this is that we’ll probably get to see a “Zombie Kill Of The Week” every week. And the show’s production budget won’t get hampered, like, say another network is doing to a popular “undead” show.

With news like this dropping though, it makes us at headquarters think what will become of Elizabeth Banks’ brainchild. Did Fox just buy the rights to prevent other networks from snatching it up to compete with the Zombieland series? Or will we be treated to two zombie based shows on separate channels both owned by Fox? Time will tell.

Via: The Hollywood Reporter


TV: Q&A With The Walking Dead’s Jon Bernthal (Shane)

The actor who plays Shane Walsh, Jon Bernthal, describes the various mannerisms that make Shane unique and dishes on which survivor he would most want by his side in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Q: I didn’t think this was possible, but the walkers have gotten even more terrifying this year.

A: Greg Nicotero is the best in the business, we all know that. Last year he blew all of our minds by turning gruesome vulgarity into beautiful art. What I’m seeing this season is that there’s a specificity with each zombie. You can actually tell who they were before they got infected and how they got infected and where they were bit. I think that’s really what we’re trying to do with the show: nothing is taken for granted.

Q: A lot of people all have dreams about work. Do you ever have dreams about walkers, or dreams that you’re in character?

A: Yeah, I do. And I hate zombies. Call me a silly method actor but you spend all day hunting them and killing them and running from them and there you go. I love the people that create them and the people that play them, but the zombies themselves I hate. When I go to a publicity event and there’s some guy paid to be a zombie for the night and they walk up to me, my first instinct is to take their heads off.

Q: Shane always gets to tote the big guns. Do you enjoy acting with a gun on set? Are you gun person?

A: You know I do love Shane’s shotgun. In real life I kind of have a shotgun similar to it, but I’m not a huge gun guy. Only thing about Shane’s gun is it’s super loud and attracts other zombies. We shoot blanks on set and there’s still a good kickback.

Q: Shane and Rick have a love-hate relationship. Do you have a lifelong friend like that?

A: Man I think a lot of people have that relationship with me!

Q: Have you enjoyed playing a character with a dark side this season?

A: I think that Shane really has figured out that in this world it’s all about making hard decisions. If you have a group of people and you’re trying to survive what do you do if one person is holding you back? Do you get rid of that person? Or do you do the “right thing” and keep that person alive? I think Shane has discovered this new world order; he discovered it in Season 1 when he beat Ed up down by the water in Season 1 or when he trained the gun on Rick. Things like guilt and shame — are those valuable emotions in this world, or do they actually have no place in them? I love those themes of the show.

Q: Shane is the only character with a sex scene thus far. Do you give Andrew Lincoln a hard time because of it?

A: I never have, but now that you said that I’ll be sure to do it today.

Q: You used to play high school football — and we hear you get to be back on a football field this year for an upcoming episode. What was it like?

A: It’s great, that was down at Newton High and they have a really good team. I grew up in Washington DC and while high school football is important there, down here it’s huge. It’s like religion, the teams are serious! One of the things I really wanted to do this season was go to a game.

Q: What’s the biggest prank you ever pulled in high school?

A: Man ours were pretty vulgar, I don’t know if I want to talk about our pranks. The first thing I thought of I definitely can’t say.

Q: Shane has a very distinctive walk. He also rubs his head a lot. Are those Shane or Jon gestures?

A: No man, I hope that what I’m doing is Shane. I’ve tried to find mannerisms for him, especially this season. He has things he does when he gets nervous or agitated. Shane is constantly boiling and constantly at war with himself, and I think that these gestures and movements come out of what’s going on inside of him.

Q: If you had to be stuck with only one of the characters from the show in a zombie apocalypse who would it be and why?

A: Daryl Dixon. I think Shane kind of figures that out this season as well. I think he’s an enormously valuable member of the group. He can do things and he’s down to do things that a lot of the other members aren’t.

Q: Do you personally feel like you’re better prepared for a zombie attack now?

A: Yeah I do, because I think there’s definitely some things I know now that I didn’t know then. But I gotta tell you, when you really let your mind go there and you think about the ins and outs of what would go down, I think we’d really all be screwed.



When I first saw this commercial during the premiere of The Walking Dead‘s second season, I half expected the dude wielding The Jaw Saw to go apesh*t and attack a horde of walkers. Nope. But I’m damn sure of one thing. The makers of this Voltron arm looking device were definitely aiming at zombie prevention experts in training. The menacing looking teeth hold branches in place while you swipe them off with relative ease. Substitute the branch for a living dead’s neck and you have an instant decapitation tool. SWEET. Now all you need is another person to carry the generator, and a really long extension cord if you feel like venturing out into a desolate landscape to rid the world of the undead.