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Random: Polo, Polo, Down.

This post isn’t really zombie related, so if you’re here for that, apologies. You’ll just have to deal with my random post for now.

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I’m a devout follower of Hip Hop, and to a lesser extent, soul centric music. It’s not just music, it’s culture. Whether from New York, Houston, or Los Angeles, I’ll give it all a shot. Obviously one of the big influences Hip Hop had among it’s followers was style. And I loved the classic stuff. Ralph Lauren, Timberland, Nike Air Force Ones, The North Face Jackets, Coogi Sweaters, Clarks Wallabees, Gucci Sneakers, and the list goes on and on. I’m a native Angeleno, so boots weren’t really needed for warm winters out here. Doesn’t mean I didn’t want the flyest stuff available though. Hence my obsession over shoes as an adult. My mother, bless her heart, tried the best she could but obviously I was out of my damn mind if she’d let me go to school wearing designer stuff before I was even a teenager. So I wanted all of that stuff I couldn’t get as a kid when I was grown.

One of the major things being some Polo Ralph Lauren Ranger Boots, or as my buddy Ty says, “Cookies.” Rangers made a triumphant comeback in 2008, often selling out in my area. While I had many opportunities to cop them, for some reason I never did. Some Air Jordans, a nice folding knife, or other random sh*t came up and they always escaped me. Until now. I checked Macy’s for some Rangers and they had them in stock! Just not in my size. F*CK! Right when I was about to close my browser and cry in my beer, I noticed the site had something very similar in stock, called the Radbourne boot. It’s 25 bucks more, but the boot sits higher with an additional strap. Spending more than $100 on ANYTHING makes me cringe, so I was hesitant to pull the trigger. Thanks to a secret sale and gift card, I got these bad boys in this week.




Definitely better than I expected. The oiled leather is butter soft and the small logo on the side of the boot has some dope detail to it. It fits larger than my natural shoe size (due to the lack of interior padding) but I’ll happily deal with it.

Usually my boots are rugged looking, so something that can be dressed up a little was new to me. I think the aggressive work boot sole helps with the appeal though. Ralph Lauren has a HUGE following in Hip Hop thanks to the Lo Lifes. If it weren’t for them we might still be wearing Nautica and Tommy Hilfiger. A vintage Polo sweater is still on my list, but thanks to songs like Young Dro’s “Polo Down,” I can expect to pay upwards of $200 for it. One day dammit.

The quality of Radbournes over Rangers was definitely worth more than $25. An added bonus I came across was the lining.

Tweed lining! DOPE. You can flip the very top of the boots down and tuck your jeans inside for a whole new look. I’m loving it.

There’s some loose threading but that’s to be expected given the way the lining was sewn into the leather. The Polo “Cookie” on the inside is an ill touch as well. I definitely couldn’t be much happier about the purchase. Aside from sizing issues, the Radbournes are anything I wanted in a multi-use boot.

My east coast buddies may give me sh*t about them, because much like Nike Goadomes they’re everywhere out there. However, I offer up this maxim that I live by: It’s not what you wear, but how you wear it.

All praises due to my better half for snapping pics. I have a surprise outfit picked out for a future date and she’s dying to know what it is. And it’s not me in my birthday suit with the boots on.



Random: Theoretical Musings

I thought about this while my body was recovering from a pretty intense workout. Wouldn’t it suck if disaster struck while I was super sore from physically preparing for such an event? In the state I’m in now, I can’t even do a pull up.

“Here lies J Brooks. His last words were, ‘Damn you irony.'”






After the big zombie outbreak dies down and we go about reconstructing society, there’s going to be an issue of how to dispose of the undead that we re-killed.  Obviously, we’ll need to incinerate our dead which includes family and loved ones. Even though they were mindless killing machines, they had a soul at one time. Do your best to honor them by getting your green on and planting them into a Bio Urn. Spaniard Martin Azua created a biological ash depository that lets people return from whence they came with this creepy yet cool idea. Place the remains into the urn, throw a seed in there, add TLC, and in no time you’ve got a living plant that’s ready to be placed into the earth. Reminds me of the classic film How High when Method Man and Redman’s characters smoked weed infused with their friend Ivory and all of a sudden got smart as hell.

You get to pick the type of tree to plant into the urn as well, so the above situation is a distinct possibility. Just saying.

Via: Big Think




Perhaps following the footsteps of Machinima’s Mortal Kombat webisodes, Valve has given the go ahead to have a fan made film version of Left 4 Dead made depicting the zombie outbreak just before the timeline in the video game begins. No specific scenes of the specialized or regular undead yet, but hopefully now that Valve’s posted it onto its Facebook page, we’ll see more and more information on the movie coming out soon. Not exactly sure how far production is, so it could be years before we see the finish product. If that’s the case, the makers need to take their asses to Kickstarter. Personally, I’m always rooting for Louis. Because we all know minorities don’t make it too far in any story revolving around horror.

More Info At: L4D Facebook

This isn’t made by the same dude who created the original Chainsaw Maid, but it’s still pretty crazy. Not only is the maid down for some hanky panky, but she goes from horny to badass in like two seconds. I never thought claymation violence could be so gritty. It’s like a Tarantino film. Masterful. Ok maybe not.