Stuck in a zombie apocalypse? Out of gas and gotta trek through some zombie-infested terrain? Besides animals you can ride, your next best option is probably ride a bicycle.

Maybe you and your fellow survivors have a couple of bicycles, but the tires are flat and the last thing you’d want to do is to search for tire pumps.

Well, a fairly new venture, PumpTire, is about to make sure you won’t have to suffer an early demise because your deflated tires are slowing you down from a horde of zombies (well, if they’re the zombies who can sprint, then you’re screwed anyway). This specialized tire uses a unique detachable valve that senses when it needs to be inflated, then air is pumped from a thin tube on the outside of the tire into the inner tube.

Currently, the tires have yet to make it to the production line as the company is seeking funding. However, A $75 pledge gets you two City Cruiser tires ($130 retail value) including a pair of 65 psi valves and inner tubes. If you pledge $100, you’ll receive a pair of City Pro high-performance 95 psi tires ($150 retail value). The company has to hit their goal of $250,000 in order to get the manufacturing jumpstarted. Of course, those of you who pledge will get a full refund if they don’t meet their goal.

Make your pledge here if you’re interested in a pair.

Via: Engadget