Remember how happy you were when the medical coverage at your job went into effect? How about when you passed the drug test to even qualify?

Well, in a zombie apocalypse forget healthcare insurance. The only thing worse than getting eaten or bitten is not being able to take care of yourself because emergency rooms are off-limits and crawling with deadheads.

Thankfully, Dr. David Werner made this 500+ page handbook for people who lived in remote areas without a doctor.  He was involved in provided basic healthcare to Third World countries and taught villagers how to care for themselves. While this primer is by no means focused on saving you from the cracked fingernailed clutches of the living dead, it will give you the most basic info to keep yourself alive while you wait out the apocalypse. This tome has some great info you should know in case Aetna shuts down or the government throws that whole universal healthcare concept straight out the window.  Always be prepared.

Image: Hesperian