One day I will go to Iowa to do this story on this old wrestler dude that I’ve been meaning to do for years. I imagine that if this concept isn’t played out by then, I’ll walk into this restaurant and have me something to eat. Until then, I’ll just think to myself: Damn, yo…zombies are such a live thing right now that cats are naming their food establishments after them.

In a way it makes no sense at all.

The images of the stanktified undead and dried up guts dancing around your head while you munch into a hipster-ready portabello mushroom burger don’t jibe. I’m with getting your veggie on and all that, but horror movies and food shouldn’t mix. Still, I know this concept is probably alive and well in other parts of America. Does anyone have the serial killer concept restaurant in the works? Maybe somewhere in Wisconsin. Or as my dad pronounces it “Wistconstin”.

If you live in Iowa, check this place out…then drop us a comment. It’ll show us you love us.