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Still undecided on whether I want to play this game, although the visuals are scintillating. This new launch trailer shows a ton of gore and some pretty dope zombie kills. Who knew rotted flesh could be vaporized with a shotgun? Ugh, with Dead IslandBattlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3, NBA 2k12, and Gears of War 3 releasing soon, I have a feeling my desire to exercise will be greatly reduced. As well as the balance in my bank account.

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Gear: The Ultimate Nightstand


Somebody hire this designer immediately. I came across this awesome nightstand from My Zombie Gear and was disappointed when I found out it wasn’t for sale. After some Googling, I found out that UK based designer James McAdam created this way back in 2002. He initially invented the club and shield combo to deal with crime in England, as citizens are not allowed to own firearms. From being asleep to battle ready in less than two seconds, this functional table top is nothing short of sweeeeeeet. If I had a few hundred thousand bucks available, I’d definitely put these into production. But since I don’t, I’ll have to hit up Home Depot to make my own. Let’s hope I don’t lose some fingers in the process of building it.

More Designs at: James McAdam 

Random: Sentenced To 30 Years.

So yesterday was my 30th birthday. Unlike many others, I have no issues turning the big 3-0. I’ve lived a fairly fulfilling life, with little regrets. I’m not afraid of my own mortality, nor am I fearful of getting old. It happens to us all sooner or later. If my lady stays by my side, and I keep myself surrounded by good people, I’m happy.

My better half cooked me an awesome dinner comprised of Puerco Con Chile and surprised me by inviting some of my buds over. BM, English and his fiance, and Slick with his lady all arrived to hang out and shoot the sh*t. Got some pretty sweet gifts too. I’ve become more of a fan of Whisk(e)ys recently, so imagine my joy when English presented me with a single malt scotch. Definitely for sipping, and not for drinking. If I catch any of my wino friends mixing it with Coke, there will be swift repercussions in the form of a dick punch. Slick’s girlfriend Di brought over a zombie voodoo doll to ward away evil people as well. They know me so well.

So this weekend, I’ll salute all of the people in my life that bring me happiness by breaking open the Macallan, toasting to you all, and enjoying a CAO Traviata. This includes you readers. I’m just happy I have some sort of audience to post ramblings to.


Movies: Rob Cordry In Talks To Star In Warm Bodies


Rob Corddy, star of Children’s Hospital and former Daily Show correspondent is flexing his acting chops once again. From playing an alcoholic jackass in Hot Tub Time Machine, to racist jackass in Harold and Kumar: Escape From Guantanamo Bay, to legal jackass in What Happens In Vegas, now he’s cast in the upcoming zombie comedy Warm Bodies. Most likely as an undead jackass. The story follows “R,” a self aware zombie who decides to protect the girlfriend of one of his victims, and Corddry as “M,” the only other self aware zombie at first. I really hope it’s not a rom-com, because that might give some studio execs the bright idea to make a Twilight version of Night of The Living Dead. I shudder at the though. My Boyfriend’s Back was bad enough. Ugh.

Via: Variety

At long last. A few months after Cooper Tactical got his prototype in, we now have the real deal. Inspired from ESEE’s Pack Kit, Kris Cooper expanded on a dedicated survival pouch that you can use as a stand alone or attached to a backpack. As soon as I took the pack out of the package, I knew Kris had a winner on his hands. Detailed pics after the jump.

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