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Books: I Don’t See What’s So Funny.

Dear Barnes and Noble. When Z-Day hits, I will place books such as The Zombie Survival Guide into their rightful places. Like under the religious works or how-to section. I will also be putting the Twilight franchise into the bin labeled “RECYCLING.” Just an FYI. Carry on.

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Found this little gem on Youtube. It’s pretty long for an amateur film, but done well enough to not annoy me. Sorry for the short post but I’m enjoying some time away from Romero Brooks HQ! Pics to follow, as we’re always on the lookout for zombie related content.

Plus points to the chap in the picture for the Multicam backpack, samurai sword, crowbar, eye/mouth protection, and the thick rubber gloves. All he needs is a good carbine to replace that shotgun and he’s good to go. Video game developers should take note. Make a character modeled after this guy.

Army Times, the source for all things US Army related, published an article revolving around the paranoia of the all too familiar zombie apocalypse. It’s made clear that during idle periods in service, conversation invariably centers on a hypothetical (or impending) end of the world as we know it. And who better to learn from than the military? Even higher ranking officers have dabbled in this sort of scenario at one point in time or another.

“We’re going to have to redesign warfare as we know it,” says Navy Lt. J.L. Bourne, author of the “Day by Day Armageddon” series of novels examining worst-case zombie scenarios. An active-duty aviator just finishing a tour for a major intelligence agency in Washington, D.C., Bourne says, “We’re going to have to come up with ways to round up these things and eliminate them en masse. There won’t be enough bullets left to kill them all.”

For the avid gamer or moviegoer, situations like this have happened in almost every barricade or “last stand” situation. When it comes down to a horde of flesh eating monsters running your way, don’t go down like the Alamo. Do your best damned impression of Usain Bolt and skedaddle. Stay on the move and use weapons that don’t need ammunition to clear your path to freedom.

One really useful tip in the article is to make use of markers and spray paint, to designate which areas have been checked and/or cleaned out. The writer goes so far as to even interview a Zombie Research Society member for insight on how to deal with the undead threat. Even for a quasi-humor piece, I applaud the Army Times for their thorough research into a fictional subject. Irrational paranoia of zombies isn’t just limited to militia men and gaming nerds anymore. Huzzah! Now I seem more normal by the day!

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Those people that know me personally know that I LOVE CALL OF DUTY. Come at me, bro. I will wreck your sh*t. One of my favorite levels in the campaign version of Call of Duty 4 was when you were a gunner in an AC130 gunship. Your view is from the gunner window, equipped with an infrared camera, and the option to use three types of weapons to assist the soldiers down below. Watching tiny terrorists get ragdolled or blown up with a huge cannon was pretty satisfying, and the new playing style gave me a nice break from the standard first person view.

Limbic Software  dropped the game Zombie Gunship and it’s strikingly similar to what I’ve just described. Your objective is to utilize all the tools at your disposal to eradicate different types of zombie threats and prevent them from breaking into your stronghold. You also have to be on the lookout for civilians on the ground as well. Kill too many innocent people and it’s game over. While there’s only one playable map thus far, weapon upgrades, and the awesome audio make for a game worth WAY more than it’s $.99 price tag. Currently Zombie Gunship is only available from iTunes, but hopefully we’ll see an Android version soon.

Major car companies are joining the fray with zombie marketing. I first saw this Toyota commercial last year, during Fright Fest on AMC. Another reason to not own a Saab. Dude gets killed pretty quickly by a horde who obviously think that the simpletons who buy such a brand should die first. Nice application of the GPS system in the Corolla to find an escape route though. Minus points for the use of the smoke grenade though. Didn’t really see the point in it. But then again Toyota would be sending the wrong message if the driver shoved an incendiary grenade down the zombies throat and watched in his rearview as it blew the hell up. “Toyota. Kill zombies, not your bank account.”

Next up was the Honda Civic. I’m assuming that the message here is that the Civic is a car that suits everyone’s needs. That doesn’t really apply since a zombie’s needs are pretty much BRAAAAIIINNSSSS, and I didn’t see him run anyone over in search of an easy meal. Take ’em out at the knees and fleshbags can’t make a hasty escape. Easy right? Again, something the advertising agency couldn’t figure out. Unless they’re saying Mitch the Zombie is a zombie because he’s a corporate brown noser and that such people might as well be dead. If that’s the case, I take offense to that. My nose is not brown, but rather a nice tan color.

Last up is perhaps the most well done. I’m not sure if it’s an official commercial touting the Subaru WRX, but it seems well done enough to pass as one regardless. Although the dumbass probably should have taken the bat with him. That fat zombie at the end of the ad sure had some wheels though. According to AutoBlog, it actually is an official ad as Subaru is sponsoring the zombie inspired marathon RunForYourLives. Pretty sweet. Now only if they lowered their prices about $15,000, I can finally afford one. Maybe if this site gets big they’ll just give me one. While I’m dreaming, I want a unicorn too.