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Rifle Giveaway in Seattle

Want an AR-15 carbine for the impending apocalypse? Apparently the Seattle Police Department is giving them away. Earlier this week, one of Seattle’s finest hopped out his patrol car, took a loaded AR-15 out of the trunk, put it on top of his car, then walked away for unknown reasons. That’s right. The officer totally forgot about his instrument of death perched on his vehicle. From the looks of the picture, the heads of the department shouldn’t have too hard of a time figuring out who the driver was. If it weren’t for a good samaritan who went after the cop and another who flagged down two bike cops, this might have turned out A LOT worse. Were this to happen some place less densely populated, someone might have swiped it and caused a bunch of trouble on behalf of the dumbass cop. Maybe he had one too many IPA’s before his shift.

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Upper management diverts a catastrophe once again. If you plan on becoming a successful executive, you must think of these things on a daily basis. Dude in this commercial would probably dole out more badass speeches than Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross.

Preps: Making Fire. With Ice.

Mind = Blown. Enough said.

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Sidenote: In the comments, the author stated that it took him about two hours start to finish to shape the ice. I wouldn’t recommend this method unless you were in a real emergency with no other means of making fire. Two hours trying to make fire from ice with no food or shelter can be pretty taxing.

Rant: Armchair Rambos

A few months before I started the site, I was at weekly poker night with the boys. One of the guys in the group”JB” had mentioned to me that he ended up watching the entire first season of The Walking Dead. Naturally, he loved it. Although he did admit that he got scared during the first episode and wanted to watch it with company around. After watching all six episodes, he criticized and questioned the protagonist Rick for a few things. Here’s his list:

  1. Rick was a sissy after waking up from the coma and hightailing it without any vehicles or extra weapons.
  2. Why he didn’t leave with the group of survivors earlier?
  3. In the last episode, why didn’t the group take any weapons when they left?

He vehemently stated that he would have done things much differently and with a better outcome. My rebuttal was simple:

All of the criticism as the situation is purely hypothetical and it’s a television show. But since he wanted to nitpick, so did I in my counter argument.

  1. I don’t believe the word “zombie” was ever uttered during the first season. Many writers and producers choose to go this route to in order to create characters who are desperate and woefully unprepared. In the real world, the majority of survivors would still likely freak out, but at least there would be a wide knowledge base of how to kill them effectively, thanks to movies, tv, and books. So in the realm of The Walking Dead, Rick wakes to find the dead  have come back to life, shuffling around trying to kill everything living, with no prior knowledge of zombies, why they exist, or how to kill them. It’s likely even the most grizzled police officer would probably stumble out of there trying to get away from the smell alone. To top it off, Rick was probably still feeling the effects of morphine or whatever painkiller the hospital put him on.
  2. Upon Rick’s arrival at the survivor’s camp, his main priority was assessing the situation with the survivors and trying to find out what happened. Only a few days passed, but a lot happened, enough to forget what one would want to do in the long term. There’s no idea of what the government is trying to do, if there’s any other groups of survivors, and where the hell to go once the pandemic struck. I doubt any regular Joe or even a country police officer would be able to devise a plan of action amidst all of the chaos. Just saying.
  3. This I actually agree with. There were tons of weapons and minimal amounts of zeds shambling around during their drive away from the CDC. At the very least, some M4’s would have been laying around with ammunition, and more than likely there would have been MRE’s available. Then again, Rick’s group was busy getting their mission impossible on trying to beat the countdown timer.

Rant over. Silly to argue over fictional events, but I had a lot of time on my hands and beer in my belly at the time. Shrug.

Zombie Proof Your Car

If you’ve been visiting our site on a regular basis, then you’ve probably been preparing for the zombie apocalypse. So you stock-piled on food and water, bought the proper gears (i.e., shoes), mapped out your exit strategy and you’re locked and loaded. But what about your car? Have you thought of how you plan to drive your car through hordes of the undead without having it torn to pieces by the unrelentless zombies?

Well, it’s time to start thinking ahead and what better way to do so than to watch a tutorial on how to zombie proof your car. Mighty Car Mods, a television show in Australia, teaches you how to prepare for the undead in this episode. From selecting the right vehicle, to car modifications and weapons.

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